Kiera King gets paid to take huge rod

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3 years ago
I’ve found tiny girls can take a large cock full length given a little time and patience. Spend some time rubbing it against her pussy until she begs you to push it in, then fuck her gently until she says “Fuck me hard and fast - and don’t stop! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” (and they’ll never ask for money, but they’ll ask you to spend the night!”
4 years ago
She's a good girl! She could've run but she let that grown man's giant dick fuck her tiny pussy til he was hurting her but she took it cause she knows that's what good girls do make huge dicks cum all over the place!
Marissa 3 years ago
I can suck a dick better than that lol
4 years ago
So muchtime wasted
Orange County 1 year ago
She said wait wait wait go slow and then he pushed his shit all the way in
best acting ever 5 years ago
I mean wy just xut to the chase when you can have a oscar for youre acting
Jacobus 3 years ago
A pretty limp dick if you ask me
3 years ago
Go to Seattle and walk down the street.
They are a dime a dozen.
They will do anything so they can get their drugs.
Young and pretty.
And throwing their lives down a gutter every day.
Koda 3 years ago
That's a lesbian right there. Sorry for that girl
Alan 3 years ago
That broad could put two of his cocks in her puss!!! Just sayin'.