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Rasmus Paludan 4 years ago
Where tf is her ass?
razmataz 4 years ago
why is sleepy gary in the shot, tell him to fuck off and go sleep in bed cause im tryn ta nut
Amy 4 years ago
Beautiful woman so pretty I wish I could look like her(; but I do love pretty sexy I will give u that haha
Mike Holt 4 years ago
This bitch is terrible at sucking dick
Lol 4 years ago
His ass bigger than hers
I Hate My Dad 4 years ago
My dad's bisexual I remember his black boss use to fuck him until he passed out then I had to finish him off. the nasty nigger had a big dick ad was a great lover. He use to have me squirting and creaming like a faucet. I remember the first time he stuck that big dick in my ass it hurt like crap. Can't believe dad take it with ease. Anyways now the nigger got me pregnant and I'm worried. He still comes over and fuck us both when he's horny.
Sandman 4 years ago
That white male is certainly a heavy sleeper.
The black man did have a nice big cock.
4 years ago