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Well 4 years ago
If women aren’t happy with their tits they go get implants and act proud of their fake store bought tits. Men are stuck with what they got and make due with it.
Edward 4 years ago
Having a big dick like that is a waste, neither one of those sluts can get that dick in their mouths! I have a 7 inch cock when hard and I love getting mine deepthroated!!
3 years ago
this is a myth, not all blacks have big cocks, I am black and I have 14 centimeters
4 years ago
That's the weirdest and funniest at the same time porn video I've ever watched I felt so uncomfortable couldn't even masturbate to that what a humiliation that was for that poor guy
A dude tryna bust a nut 3 years ago
Wow these comments kind of made me not want to beat my meat anymore. We should honestly stop putting other men down for what they have and don’t have. We got to work together women are supposed to be the ones that argue about stupid ish like that
3 years ago
3 years ago
As a swinger I’m here tell you ladies that this mess about bbc only ones got big dicks is pure bs hype !! Better lover lol that hype too! So look at this example they pull big dick bbc shows mini dick white guy like all bbc got bigger dicks ! Wake up don’t believe this ever
Xxx 3 years ago
Black guy shemale. His rod is just a piece of rim that doesn't even fit in shoes
damn 10 months ago
hope the guy got paid a BAG for this video, it's a fuckin disgrace
9 months ago
This was cringing to watch nothing was sexy about this and I’m a woman! Do better