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1 month ago
Who is the brunette at 2:21?
Tabby 1 month ago
I hate when sucking dick the guy pulls out to cum. I'm not into facials I want to swallow my hard earned cum load and I hate a guy that cum in my eye. The crap burns cum very acidic guys.
Carole Cumslut 1 month ago
I can never decide if I want to have him shoot his cum down my throat so I can swallow every drop, have him fill my mouth with his delicious cum then let him watch as it dribbles out of my mouth and down my chin, or have him shoot his big load all over my face and hair so he can see how much he came. I think I just like him to decide how he wants to give me his wonderful cum
MFingCEO 1 month ago
The woman at the 2:00 mark is the real MVP.
1 month ago
4:53 who is this girl
Dam 1 month ago
I miss Kay she spoiled me my freckled face red head cum swallower. She gave the best head ever my balls stayed depleted around her if it's not from sucking my dick dry it's from fucking her asshole until she couldn't stand it.
2 weeks ago
The girl at 3:52 reminds me of someone I know, my Mexican friend named Elizabeth:) I fantasize about her doing this to me!! Makes me cum so fucking hard every time!
Iowa 1 month ago
Still dont get the logic of not swallowing once the cum is already in her mouth...makes less mess and clean up
Last girl 2 weeks ago
Is the best. Who is she?
1 week ago
first girl??